FXL12 Drag racing data logger

There are two separate FXL12 models with different wiring to the main RPM cable connector. It depends on the serial number of the module as to what the wiring is.

Main module Connector pinouts.The FXL22, FXL25, FXL32 and FXL35 have one common connector which is where the RPM and Switch loom plugs in. This is a 25 pin ' D ' connector. Note that the FXL22 uses +5 Volts DC for its switches and rpm pickups and the FXL25, FXL32 and FXL35 use +9 Volts DC. The FXL32 and FXL35 are derived from the FXL25 and only one pin is different, that is Pin 10. On the FXL32 and FXL35 it was decided to make it an earth seeking record inhibit, the same as the FXL22, so it can accommodate early Dyna ignitions and late MSD ignitions which have earth seeking two steps.

The Four RPM cables will have heat shrink tubing for insulation and identification. The color corresponds to the color of the traces on the DOS based software.

Pin Function: ( Viewed from behind the connector where all the wiring comes out )